This one hour documentary tackles the myths and taboos that characterize the complex cannabis plant, and the stigma faced by its consumers.
I was brought onto this fascinating documentary project produced by Red Letter Films to create a graphics package and explainer animations. The original French-language version was released as «Le malaise cannabis» for Radio-Canada and can be watched here.

CLIENT: Red Letter Films
ANIMATIONSara Wade (grey market + animated graph)
Key words from client: hexagon shapes, gradients, science imagery, fine lines, subtle textures. Stay away from typical "hippy" tie dye imagery usually paired with cannabis products.
Mood boards helps the client visualize what the final animation might look and feel like.
Below: A design test
Below: Storyboard for animation explaining the complex system patients are required to navigate to order their prescription of medical cannabis in Quebec.
Below: This animation explains the difference between the CBD and THC molecules, both found in cannabis plants.
Below: This animation explains the effect of a cannabis legal market on the black market.
Below: black market vs "grey" market
Below: An animated graph
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