Explainer Videos (aka Visual Essays) are a staple of the MoGraph industry. The School of Motion's course, Explainer Camp, gave me the training and tools to create this fully-realized piece from start to finish.
Bermuda (a fictional company) is a pre-revenue startup aimed at building the “Uber of Boats.”
It's mission is to enable boat-owners to make extra money while their boat sits unused, and to allow boat enthusiasts to cruise easily without the enormous costs of boat ownership.
I was given the brand design guidelines, a 30 second script and final raw professional voice over.
Putting enough time aside for research is vital when creating a visual essay. This helps going beyond the obvious clichés and finding original metaphors to tell the best story. Mood boards helps the client visualize what the final animation might look and feel like.
Planning out the shots for the animation.
The animatic is the animated version of the storyboard. It is useful to figure out the pacing and how all elements would fit together with the music and voice over.
While working on the final animation, I realized I had not given myself enough time at the end to create smooth transitions so I had to dramatically simplify!
This is the part of the process where the look of the piece is fleshed out.
After Effects and Adobe Animate were used to create the final movie.
Final music (from Premium Beat), voice over and sound design are the finishing touches.
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