My name is Anne. I’m a director, illustrator and animator with over ten years experience working with a wide range of clients.
I specialize in 2D animation with the occasional sprinkle of 3D. I delight in explaining scientific and abstract concepts through animation for education and entertainment. I can also quickly whip up short content motion design for social media and other platforms. I am very fond of character animation which makes me feel like an all powerful puppet master (in a good way!) These days, I am enjoying creating interactive animations and am feverishly working on a personal film in my spare time.
I am a fan of graphic novels and lover of nature. I hike the local Vancouver mountains for a regular dose of forest bathing. I live with my husband, son, and regal half-siamese cat Loki.
my services
ART DIRECTION > Creating overall vision for the communication project making sure to closely follow the client's brief. Managing an animation project from start to finish, hiring a team of specialists if needed.
ILLUSTRATION > Storyboarding, research & concept, final artwork ready for animation and/or print.
ANIMATION > Motion design, cell animation, character rigging and animation, GIFs, and interactive animation.
I feel most at home using Adobe After Effects, Animate, Photoshop, Illustrator, Rive, with a generous pinch of Blender.
TEACHING > I am proud to be part of School of Motion as a Teaching Assistant for several courses: Character Animation Bootcamp, Illustration for Motion, Design Kickstart, After Effects Kickstart & Animation Bootcamp.
I am fluent in both English & French.

US clients: It's easy to hire a freelancer from Canada.
All you need is a filled out W-8BEN form from me, and that's it!

I'd love to hear from you!

I have worked with clients and agencies large and small

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