Soleil de minuit is the companion website for Yukon parle français, the documentary. Working with the themes of lightness and darkness, of artwork from Yukon children and the work of a painter living in Whitehorse, the visitor explores what it is like to live in the Yukon. For the two animations, I cut up and prepared as high resolution assets in Photoshop several paintings from the artist's repertoire. I created two detailed storyboards for the animator, trying to tell a story with the material from the kids and from the visuals from the painter. Original songs were commissioned to fit the stories and the themes of lightness and darkness
(referring to the Yukon long days in summer and long nights in winter).
Choose to go to "Darkness" or "Lightness"
Slideshow montage of children's artwork and texts on "Darkness" page
Animation on "Lightness" page
Web design and storyboards / Anne Saint-Louis
Animation / WCI Media Studios
Yukon painter / Nathalie Parenteau
Artwork from the children of l'École Émilie-Tremblay in Whitehorse, Yukon
Music / Hélène Beaulieu and Sylvie Painchaud
Producer / Tiguidou Media for Radio-Canada services numériques

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