MUSHERS: À la conquête de la Yukon Quest

MUSHERS: à la conquête de la Yukon Quest is the companion website to the four part television series of the same name (CanalD). The series follows mushers and other characters involved in the Yukon-Alaskan dog sled race which happens every year. The site offers extra information and details on the trail, the dogs and some characters in the series through photos, texts and video.

Web design and project management / Anne Saint-Louis
Producer / Tiguidou Media for CanalD

Screenshot of the sled dog page. Each head when clicked opens a window with information on that particular dog.
I art directed a photo shoot of the show's main dog sled team. This is Vautour, Ti-Ours and Bebitte!
Yukon photographer / Fritz Mueller
Each stop on the map has it's own window with information and photos.

Document with printable dog "sports" cards can be downloaded and trimmed.
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