La voie du musher

This interactive project prototype was created (by team of 3 participants + a designer and a coder) in the context of a five day intensive interactive production program with the National Film Board of Canada, in Montreal. This program is based on the production procedures developed at the NFB for interactive projects. The objectives were to share a common language, to understand the process of interactive production and to realize a prototype of interactive production.
Participant and original idea / Anne Saint-Louis
Participants / Isabelle Combre & Jean Barthélémé
Design / Maddalena Vismara
Coding / Édouard Reinach
Created with the guidance of the ONF/NFB Interactive Team in Montreal

The Yukon Quest is a two week dog sled race happening every January and covering 1600 km through Yukon and Alaska. It is a mostly solitary experience for the athletes and extremely difficult for humans and dogs alike.
In the original proposal, the idea was to try and find a way to have the viewer live the experience with the "musher" through his or her own eyes. One could imagine shooting footage with go-pros on the musher's head and/or sled and setup different scenarios. The narrative would become a "choose your own story" framework where different videos would be shown depending on the viewer's choices. There would be a dashboard indicating to the viewer temperature, winds, state of health of human and dogs, state of the sled, all that can affect what will happen next. There are several "checkpoints" along the Yukon Quest trail and we were imagining that those stop areas could be where more information would be available in the form of interviews and 360 landscapes.
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