À l’an vert is a companion website to the documentary of the same name (The Green Mind in English) exploring the different green choices one can make in one’s own life. Two characters, "Little Linda" and her dog, guide the visitor through a scrollable landscape to unlock mini info movies and a questionnaire to mesure his or hers “green-ess”.
I worked on the design of this site and created all the illustrations and animation for the mini-movies. I used the same visual textures and colour palettes to create the graphic package and animated maps for the documentary.​​​​​​​

Web design, illustration and animation / Anne Saint-Louis
Producer /  Red Letter Films and Tiguigou Media for Radio-Canada
Landing page
Detail of Panorama. By clicking and dragging, the whole landscape can be discovered. Some cut out objects are links to mini movies or the questionnaire (yellow bubble appears when arrow hovers over).
Full panorama showing all clickable items
Mini movies popup window with direct links below to all the movies and to the questionnaire.
I designed and animated the maps in the documentary.
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